Apart from all the obvious reasons like, beautiful and practical design solutions for your space, there is so much more to an interior designer than you think. The following points can bring some relief to your new project or the renovation you have been postponing:


Point out options to chose from:

A designer should not be appointed as someone that makes the choices for you with your money. The designer should indicate options to you based on your wants and needs to equip you to choose for yourself. A designer is the one you can trust to help you make all the emotional and practical choices


Project Duration:

A designer has the ability to take all steps necessary into consideration and indicated the duration of your project. They will be able to estimate a realistic duration so that you know what you are in for. This will help you schedule the project in the time best suitable for you. A project can seem overwhelming until you break it down and see what needs to happen to achieve the end result.


Contractors on board:

Not trusting a contractor is not wrong, it is your gut feeling of the unknown. There are a lot of great contractors and suppliers out there. Designers work with the best of the best. Designers work with them every day and tend to use them over and over. A designer will bring contractors and suppliers on board that can walk the mile it takes to create your dream space


Get the most out of your space:

You have an idea in your head of what you want for your space, but you have trouble even picturing it. Designers do wonderful photorealistic 3D views that makes it possible for you to see your potential space. It helps you visualise space layout, lighting options and colour schemes. See the future A good designer will not only design something pretty for a client that is only good enough for now. Each space or building is designed to serve a purpose, a purpose for humans and more specifically an individual, a family or team. Designers are trained to see the potential of what a space or building has. If the a project is for a house that has to suffice for a few decades for a young family, the space or building should be designed to be compatible for when their kids are out of the house and they need to sell the house to a future young family again. Understanding a specific target market is what separates a designer from a great designer.

You will not be regretting your choice of investing in professional advice and bringing a designer on board to create your dream space








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