Residential Trend #3 – Under the Sea

One of this year’s favourite colour schemes must be the nautical mood. Fantasising about the sea shale & sea creature’s shapes, you can create a wonderful space that will be in trend the whole year. Use these tips for your wall tiles, sideboards, floor tiles, fruit bowls and rugs #alwaysinspired #nautical #interiordesign #2019trends #ilisiinteriordesign  

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Residential Trend #2 – Brass Taps

Residential Trends – Brass Taps:   Think about it as jewellery for your kitchen or bathroom. Whether it is silver, gold or stainless steel they add a dash of shine. For 2019 the shine will be brass, bringing contrast to the trendy concrete and matte black kitchen and bathroom spaces. Do not be afraid of introducing these

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Residential Trends of 2019 – #1

Homeowners: Residential Trend #1 Dark hues are making their way into the 2019 Residential Trends. Of all colours, blue seems to be the favourite. Whether it is on a ceiling, floor, a wall, splashed on cupboards. Blue seems to have replaced grey as the go-to hint by ILISI Interior Architectural Design & Consulting  

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