Can you accommodate my Kitchen budget?

This question should be asked when you have decided on which design company you want to use to design & install your dream kitchen. You might not want to share your budget with the designer straight away, but if you don’t, you risk being presented with a beautiful design you simply can’t afford. Disclosing your budget early on means your designer can achieve the look you want but using materials and options within your budget.

For example, a Quartz worktop can re-create the luxurious look of granite or marble.

Your designer can also offer cost-saving tips: For example, if a full glass splashback is too costly they might suggest a glazed panel behind the hob with matching upstand instead, which involves less material and so costs less

The designer can also advise how much you need to allow for other components, such as flooring, worktops and sinks.

Setting a budget and sticking to it is important, otherwise your project can quickly become stressful and unpleasant.

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