Interior Design Services – an Investment!

Are you deciding on whether or not you should use an interior design service? If you are, than I want to give you a few things to think about regarding design services for your space.


As a professional interior designer I have worked with quite a few professional companies that do supply all sorts of finishes, materials, furniture and anything that you can think of regarding space design, space layout, building and custom design units. Anything made out of steel, timber, fabric and so much more.  Whatever you think of we have dealt with before in the industry.  Thinking out of the box is what designers are great at. Problem solving is what makes Designers very rare. Thus, ILISI does have the best references to ensure great materials for the project as well as exclusive prices which we automatically offer our clients. Anyone can buy from a retail store. Retail stores normally have products that are relevant and popular in the residential market and not for retail or commercial spaces. Sometimes these products are chosen by markets overseas and are not relevant to our heritage or cultural taste. ILISI will help assist with any furniture or material application to ensure the best solution. Whether it is to give it a facelift, to bring in more customers, that your space started out small and you want to increase the space because you have more customers and you have more space to utilise or whether it’s just that you have a corner store that’s not working for you anymore and you want to change it completely. To know your problems and frustrations is all very important information to ILISI. You will see the full solution first hand with ILISI’s photorealistic 3Ds.


My work as a designer is to inform you about what materials and what solutions there are in the industry.  I know exactly how to get a specific look with a specific material for a specific function. I can also get you the same look with another material, but the cost impact will be different. For example, melamine can look like solid wood, but it costs less. I know materials in the industry and I know what each material is capable of.  Materials differ in prices. Materials also have different life spans and guarantees. That is why it’s important to know what your budget is and to know what look you want so that I can give you the quotation for all of that to ensure that is in your budget. If you want you can set up two types of budgets, one being the minimum and the other being the maximum.  I will be more than willing to give you two quotation options as close to your budget as possible.  For example, we might be looking at 3 types of main materials: a solid wood, gloss material or a melamine material.  With three different main materials, you can expect three different quotations.  These three quotations will give you a good indication of which material you would like to choose and which one you would like to use.


Property is one of the few things that provide us with investing for the future that we can control today.  The way I see it is to think about an investment in terms of what it will be worth one day.  If you’re one day is within five years or within 50 years you need to consider that.  You need to consider what your target market will be today, in a year and in 5 years from now. Most retail spaces get facelifts every 5 years to keep people interested in the space and to keep getting customers into the store or restaurant. If you consider this now, you could make your life easier for the next 5 years or more.

You have control in your hands to make the right choices for your space for today and for the future – ILISI is simply here to guide you with informed solutions and ideas you chose from.

Not all design companies give clients service like ILISI Interior Design does. We call it “special service to our clients”, and we are proud of our clients for making the right choices and seeing the value in good design for their businesses.

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