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In the Eastern part of Pretoria you will find lovely residential properties with breathtaking houses. Each house has a personality of its own. Each residence with its own rareness to showcase within the Eastern Pretoria landscape. One residence has a particular jewel inside their home to enjoy forever. A one of a kind bar and wine cellar was designed for Barri Vermeulen by myself and installed by EC Woodworth. Barri had a specific idea and we worked on it together until it was perfected for him.

He wanted a contemporary colour scheme and with the clean colour tones, I created a concept for him he could enjoy as his unique space with friends and family. Strong and dominant counter features was designed with the colour tones complimenting the shapes and elements of the bar. Barri wanted accents on the walls, thus, a breathtaking wall feature was created for the rest of the bar with glass, chrome and mirrors. A continuous flow of the concept was carried through to the wine cellar into a more exclusive corner of the space. Perfect for wine tasting while catching up with an old friend.

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